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romantic night decorations | Tablescape | Tablescape in a box
  • Romantic Night Tablescape decoration Kit

    Romantic Night Tablescape decoration Kit :

    Everything You Need for Your Celebration just add your table and glasswear


    Perfect for a table of 2 people


    Create a stunning romantic tablescape that will leave your partner in awe! Incorporating napkins, flowers, vases, and bows, this setup promises to be both elegant and exciting. 


    Box Includes

    • Napkins x 2 :

    Adorn your table with gender reveal-themed napkins featuring charming designs in hues of pink and blue, keeping your guests guessing until the big reveal. These cotton napkins add a touch of sophistication to your table setting while maintaining an air of mystery.


    • Flowers  :

    Elevate your tablescape with a Single Red Roses  These floral accents not only add beauty but also symbolize the joy andand a keepsake  for your partner, Plus individular flowers to accent your table 


    • Vases and candle holders :

    Showcase your chosen flowers  and candles in elegant vases that complement the overall theme of your celebration. Our  sleek glass vase to display your single red roses for a modern look  and candle holders for that romantic lighting . Position these vases strategically throughout the table to create a balanced and cohesive arrangement that captivates the eye.


    • Bows x 2:

     Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tablescape with decorative bows in Red  Whether  placing on your napkins or round your glasswear these bows add a  lovely  charm to your setup, Tie them with care to ensure they add the perfect finishing touch to your lcelebration.


    • Satin Table runner  , Glass tealight holds with electric candles, Scatter petals,  Loose flower heads 

    Also  a Fabulous Spotify playlist  pre loaded with hours of Romantic Songs 


    Some items may change due to seasonal availability

    romantic night decorations | Tablescape | Tablescape in a box

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