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Green Velvet Ribbon |  Ribbon  | Green Ribbon
  • Green Velvet Ribbon

    Green Velvet Ribbon



    50mm wide , Sold by the metre ( 

    • wrapping ribbon,ribbon for crafts, ribbons are good at work as many roles as: christmas ribbon,hair ribbon,ribbons and bows,balloon ribbon,floral ribbon,gift/present ribbon,wedding ribbon etc.you can use it in many place .
    • full 20m Comes on a Roll Velvet ribbon can be stored easily,smooth & silk surface without wrinkles and prevents the ribbons from getting dirty, you don't need to iron before using it.
    • Perfect for wedding invitations,headbands,bridal bouquet,sewing,corset lacing,gift wrapping,hair bows,party decoration, home decoration,handmade craft project,etc,you can use it anywhere as you need

    Green Velvet Ribbon |  Ribbon  | Green Ribbon 

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