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Gender reveal decorations | Tablescape | Tablescape in a box
  • Gender reveal Tablescape decoration Kit

    Gender Reveal Tablescape:

    Everything You Need for Your Celebration just add your table and glasswear


    Perfect for a table of betwteen 4-8 people


    Create a stunning gender reveal tablescape that will leave your guests in awe! Incorporating napkins, flowers, vases, and bows, this setup promises to be both elegant and exciting. 


    Box Includes

    • Napkins x 8 :

    Adorn your table with gender reveal-themed napkins featuring charming designs in hues of pink and blue, keeping your guests guessing until the big reveal. These cotton napkins add a touch of sophistication to your table setting while maintaining an air of mystery.


    • Flowers x 2 :

    Elevate your tablescape with Artificial blooms carefully selected to match the color scheme of your gender reveal party. With delicate pink peonies, vibrant blue hydrangeas, or a combination of both for a visually striking display. These floral accents not only add beauty but also symbolize the joy and anticipation surrounding the impending reveal.


    • Vases x 2 :

    Showcase your chosen flowers in elegant vases that complement the overall theme of your celebration. Opt for sleek glass vases for a modern look or vintage-inspired containers for a touch of nostalgia. Position these vases strategically throughout the table to create a balanced and cohesive arrangement that captivates the eye.


    • Bows x 8:

     Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tablescape with decorative bows in shades of pink and blue. Whether  placing on your napkins or round your glasswear these bows add a whimsical charm to your setup while hinting at the gender of your bundle of joy. Tie them with care to ensure they add the perfect finishing touch to your gender reveal celebration.


    • Satin Table runner , Eucalyptus Garland , Glass tealight holds with electric candles, Scatter petals, 10 x Loose flower heads


    Some items may change due to seasonal availability

    Gender reveal decorations | Tablescape | Tablescape in a box

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