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Door Bows

Make your front door the talk of the town with our festive Door Bow. Take your décor to the next level and bring some cheer to your home with our easy to install, high-quality Door Bow. It's a perfect addition for any special occasion or holiday season.



Tablescapes are more than just a decorated table; they're an artful expression of creativity and style that sets the tone for any gathering. From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, tablescapes captivate guests with their harmonious blend of elements. Each carefully curated detail, from the choice of linens and tableware to the arrangement of flowers and candles, contributes to a captivating tableau. . Whether minimalist or extravagant, modern or vintage-inspired, tablescapes transform dining spaces into immersive environments where every element tells a story.

Fresh Flowers

At Mrs Mermaid Florist, we love nothing more than creating stunning floral arrangements that brighten up any room. With our fresh flowers sourced from the best growers, we offer beautiful bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces that can be gifted or purchased to spruce up your home. With our online store, you can order your flowers from anywhere in the UK and have them delivered right to your front door. Our arrangements reflect the natural beauty and diversity of nature, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service.



I love Bows, I live and breathe Bows and Mermaids oh and Green Tea. Bit of a crazy combination I know buts thats why we are Mrs Mermaid……... but anything goes together if it is your vibe.

So hopefully the reason you have stumbled upon my Website is Your Getting Hitched or Your looking for something Pretty... YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!....
Every Wedding/Celebration, like every person, is individual. Life would be super boring if we were all the same... Right!! ...


Our luxury collections offers a unique and stylish way to dress your venue for that special occasion.  Whether it’s the Festive season, a Birthday, Wedding, or New baby arrival, Or just because, Mrs Mermaid Door Bows will help you create a Classy Welcome you and your visitors will love.


We offer a Fabulous Range of Door Bow designs to suit all tastes, available in an array of colours, all handmade to order. 

​Either select a Design from our collection or maybe need a little inspiration, I am all about the fairy tale and let’s do it together!


All of our bows are easy to fit and are supplied with easy to follow fitting instructions, or view our “how to fit your bow” demo video.

Door Bows, Pew Ends, Artificial Flowers, Glitter Roses ...The list is endless, and the choice is yours.

It's your Style your way.


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